Sterling the Knight
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Bravery starts in the heart.

Join Sterling and his friends in this award-winning children’s book series that helps kids foster emotional development.

Sterling the Knight and Nugget the Dragon

2023 “Creative Child’s Magazine” Book of the Year Winner

In the first book of the Sterling the Knight series, Sterling learns the true meaning of courage.

In a land far away, many fear a dragon named Nugget —including a brave young boy named Sterling. Sterling dreams of becoming a knight, so he sets off to slay the dragon. But when Sterling finds the dragon alone and in pain, his quest presents him with a choice: will he fight, or will he help?

The 2nd edition hardcover is now available.

Sterling the knight

Such a beautiful message! I read this book to my young cousin and he absolutely loved it! We’re teaching him about kindness and how it can make a BIG impact on others. Can’t wait for the sequel!

- Haig M.

Great story and message for all ages! I brought the book to a family party and my niece and brother loved it!

- Tiffany K.

Highly recommend! This is a great book to teach kids why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and things aren’t always as they seem.

- Ashley G.

Beautiful story. A simple but powerful message. This sweet story can be a catalyst for so many extension activities.

- D. M.

A terrific modern children’s tale that teaches the value of empathy with exceptional illustrations splashed across each page.

- M. K.

Sterling the Knight and the Slonefall Tournament

In the second book of the Sterling the Knight series, three friends learn that bravery begins in the heart.

As Sterling and his best friend Maxton begin their training at Wiseamor School of Knights and Chivalry, everyone is talking about the renowned Slonefall Tournament. There’s just one problem: only boys can compete! With Maxton and their new friend Jada, Sterling hatches a plan to stand up for what’s right. But will the plan work?

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Free Activities

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Sterling the knight

Meet the Characters

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I’m Maxton!

Duke of Vosko Castle

I am generous, deeply compassionate and highly empathetic, feeling the emotions of those around me.

I am always seeking to do good in the world, and use my passion for archery in service of others.



I'm Nugget the Dragon

Keeper of Hind Forest

I am extremely sweet and kind. My favorite food is castleberries near the walls of Vosko Castle. A strong flap of my wings can shake flutternuts from their trees.

Despite my physical appearance and strength, I’m actually scared of the dark. Although I can breathe fire, I use my skill of humorous deflection to avoid confrontation.



Hi, I’m Sterling!

Prince of Vosko Castle

I am determined, brave, and loyal. I’m not one to shy away from challenges; instead, I face them head-on with a strategic mind and a steadfast heart.

My loyalty to my friends, family, and kingdom is unwavering and I am passionate about my duties.



I'm Pip the Long-Haired Dalmatian

Loyal Companion of Sterling

I am the canine companion to Sterling and the universal bond amongst the crew. I easily forge connections with both humans and animals. I have an adventurous spirit and am ready for any challenge.

I have boundless energy and a perpetually wagging tail – I have a penchant for face licks.



I’m Jada!

Princess of Sueley Castle

I am simple, goal-oriented and pursue my tasks aggressively. When I set my heart on something, I go after it with determination. I do not shy away from dealing with challenges.

I set high standards for myself and others. Having the ability to be empathetic, I can understand my falcon’s emotions.



Hi, I’m Judd!

Author of Sterling the Knight

Judd Shaw is an adventurer, storyteller, and agent of change. He believes that everyone, everywhere, deserves to be seen, heard, and felt valued. His mission is to empower individuals to confidently share their true selves and create profound connections with others.

Judd is the president of Judd Shaw Injury Law, as well as a renowned keynote speaker, award-winning author, coach, and podcast host. Most importantly, Judd is a proud father. Learn more about him at

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